August 4, 2011

today is my day ;)

today is my birthday .
thank you for those who are wish to me.
alhamdulillah. for this year in 22 years old , i still live in this world.
Thank you ALLAH for giving me a chance to breath and live until today.
for awak. thank you coz always being there with you.
dear friends, thank you coz remembering my birthday .

awak.thank you for the birthday sweet. ;)

anak mak dah besar la.hehe




  1. Fara, happy belated bfday! sorry ye kalau kite ta wish before ni.
    tapi ta penting pn hari bln.
    everyday is our birthday! ahaxx..

    *btw, suke background '1 in a million' ni. :)

  2. hehe..thank you dear...;)

    lagu dh tuka memg lagu tu best espcly for the love one.hehe..


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